Our Family Sauce History

        Our family use to own the Cason Milling Company in Statesboro, GA.  Dorris Cason, my grandfather, received a recipe from a traveling salesman while working one day.

        He took the recipe home where his wife, Grace, who made some modifications.  The recipe became a family favorite.  Grandma Grace made the sauce exclusively for immediate family (and some church friends).

        The sauce recipe was misplaced as time went by.  My parents, Bobby Joe & Jane Cason, found the recipe years later in a family cookbook.  Remembering how the family used to love the sauce, they wanted to make it again.  

        However, the ingredient measurements needed to be converted to modern-day measurements.  (1/4 Block of butter = 1 Stick, ketchup bottle sizes).  Jane, a math professor at Georgia Southern, used her math skills to save the recipe by maintaining proper ingredient proportions.

        Bobby Joe & Jane Cason began giving sauce to friends, children’s teachers, business associates, etc.

        “If you bring us an empty bottle, we’ll fill it up for you”  because we could not find many bottles – recycled salad dressing bottles.  We went from Mason Jars to long neck bottles.  Empty bottles began showing up.

Locals would usually say they loved having our sauce on _blank_ last night. Can we get some more?

When family friends began offering to buy sauce from us, we realized we had a good sauce.

We needed to figure out how to go from making it in our home to having a real product.

First we had to get everything together

Getting everything together for the outside of the bottle – figure out all details – get approvals of the USDA, FDA, etc.

 Barcode + Ingredients + logo design + nutrition facts = a great label

We decided on a Company Mantra of "Darn Good Sauce" because it is a one word statement that summarizes what we do without limiting our future growth.


We used LegalZoom to help form a separate entity for legal and tax reasons - Southern Family Sauces, LLC is our official company name.  we're registered in the State of Georgia.

 We also had to analyze our strategy.  Currently we are pursuing a corporate level growth strategy using related diversification.  Our business level strategy is nice diversification.  That's business talk for we are trying to be different and stand out as a family sauce through niche markets (like local meat markets).    


Where is the company going to go from now?

Currently, we are still testing the market for our product.  The sauce has survived three generations of family recipes, but now we're moving into a new focus of selling it.  We hope we can extend our tradition to more of the world and always offer "Darn-Good Family Sauces" for our customers.